Monday 14 October 2013

Achieving 100% quality injection moulding even faster with Kistler's CoMo #PAuto

The new firmware upgrade V2.4 for Kistler's CoMo Injection process monitoring system offers better functionality and new features that will help processors achieve zero-defect production even faster.

The integrated, automatic mould recognition function of the CoMo Injection system makes mould connection and setting easier and faster with automatic loading of mould data during mould changes. Connection errors are detected quickly and can be remedied before they can cause any damage. Kistler has made the synchronized processing of uniform evaluation objects for pressure monitoring of multi-cavity moulds significantly easier. Evaluation objects of the same type can be selected across channels and processed synchronously afterwards.

The MultiFlow, the automatic hot-runner balancing function of the CoMo Injection system, now offers more options. Tip temperatures can now be controlled with higher precision with Smooth Control mode. This enhancement allows injection moulding processes involving polymers with a viscosity that is significantly affected by temperature changes to be controlled more accurately. These improvements will be of particular benefit to operators of multi-cavity moulds for thermoplastic elastomers and other temperature-sensitive polymers. Individual process variations are detected reliably and their effect on process control is eliminated. MultiFlow now also offers an automatic start-up function, which is triggered automatically during production start-up and after production downtimes.

The CoMo Injection system's output channels for controlling reject gates or removal robots are now easily tested via One Touch check. This function ensures the reliable separation of rejects and allows network-based data management for easier data handling.

As an industrial process monitoring system, CoMo Injection is equipped with connectors for multichannel technology as standard. However, in some cases the use of sensory equipment for testing purposes may require a higher level of connective versatility. Fitted with modules of the new Lab Conversion Kit (LabKit), CoMo Injection can now offer more connection versatility which allows the direct connection and exchange of individual sensors as required. Modules for individual charge and voltage signals and modules with integrated amplifiers for thermocouples Type K or J are also available. Easy assembly and disassembly allows operators easy switchover and full use of the benefits of multichannel cable technology or separate connections versatility. The modular design of the CoMo LabKit allows easy adaptation and enhancement as needed.

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