Wednesday 16 October 2013

Exclusive single layer injection molded PVDF diaphragm!

Blue-White Industries tells us that they are proud to introduce the world’s first Single Layer Injection Molded PVDF Diaphragm for the Chem-Pro® Series C2 and C3 Metering Pumps.

Manufactured 100% in-house, this new single piece, longer lasting diaphragm design does not consist of multiple layers like traditional diaphragms. With zero breakdown or delamination, field maintenance and down time is decreased. With the introduction of a single material diaphragm, the pump head is now entirely PVDF material, reducing chemical compatibility issues of the only wetted parts.

The Exclusive, highly efficient, Patent Pending design is available in three various sizes. New PVDF Diaphragms retro-fit onto current ProSeries® Chem-Pro® pumps, making this a simple, in-field upgrade. The PVDF diaphragm is just one of many new upgrades to the Chem-Pro®. New featrures include: Serial and Ethernet communications, Increased feed rate resolution from 1% to 0.1%, field upgradeable firmware, protective LCD snap-on cover, as well as 4-20mA output capabilities.

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