Friday 11 October 2013

Connecting devices to PLCs

The CM CANopen module from HMS Industrial Networks enables users of the SIMATIC™ S7-1200 PLC to integrate CANopen devices into their automation systems (using the TIA Portal®).

The CM CANopen is an extension module for the SIMATIC S7-1200, enabling the PLC to communicate with devices on a CANopen Network. The product is developed by HMS Industrial Networks and is fully approved by the manufacturer of the S7-1200 – Siemens AG.

How it works
The CM CANopen from HMS Industrial 
Networks enables the S7-1200 from Siemens to
 communicate with any device on
a CANopen network.
The CM CANopen plugs into the S7-1200 and works as a translator between nodes on a CANopen Network and the S7-1200. The module fits mechanically into the standard S7-1200 system rack and can be configured to be both Master or Slave. No programming is needed to configure the communication between CANopen and the PLC – users set up how they want the data to flow in the accompanying CM CANopen Configuration Studio software.

It is possible to plug in three CM CANopen modules per PLC, and 16 CANopen slave nodes can be connected to each module (each module supports 256 bytes input and 256 bytes output).

There is also support for transparent CAN 2.0A for custom protocol handling, and the module is integratable into the hardware catalogue of the TIA Portal configuration suite.

“The CM CANopen enables users of the S7-1200 to integrate CANopen devices into their PLC system giving them a wider selection of automation products to choose from when designing their systems,” says Mikael Mårtensson, Product Manager at HMS Industrial Networks. “This is a solution that will bring a lot of value to users of the S7-1200, allowing them to build more efficient automation systems.”

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