Wednesday 16 October 2013

Compact wireless gateway to increase asset & production monitoring in remote operations

Eliminating manual readings in remote locations, and delivers real-time information to help operators make better production and maintenance decisions

With the introduction of the Smart Wireless Gateway 1410, Emerson is making it easier for process industry customers with remote operations to set up and run wireless networks. Remote operations such as oil and gas wellheads often have challenges with difficult installations, high costs and insufficient field personnel to keep pace with aggressive schedules. As a result, they are constantly one step behind – juggling equipment, crews, schedules and data, with limited insight into what is really needed where.

The Smart Wireless Gateway 1410 is a simple, cost-effective remote monitoring solution that helps integrate the critical insights into the production data while significantly reducing the need to send personnel to the field. The Smart Wireless Gateway connects WirelessHART® self-organising networks with host systems and data applications. Because the Smart Wireless Gateway manages the network automatically, there is no need to configure communication paths. This means that additional data points can easily be added to remote operations. The added insight provided with a wireless network using this gateway can also help reduce environmental and safety issues, such as tank overfills and wellhead integrity.

The Smart Wireless Gateway 1410 was specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller networks (up to 25 devices) required for remote applications, without giving up the security and flexibility inherent with the existing higher volume Smart Wireless Gateway 1420. The smaller size and DIN Rail mount capability means the Smart Wireless Gateway 1410 is ideal for the limited cabinet space requirements of most remote operations. Built-in layered security functionality ensures that the network stays protected at all times. Additional devices can be added quickly and easily without the need to configure the communication paths. The Smart Wireless Gateway 1410 manages the network automatically and delivers greater than 99.9% data reliability.

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