Wednesday 9 October 2013

Valve range extended!

Bürkert has announced an extension to its range of ELEMENT valves in response to continued customer feedback for larger sizes and higher flow rates.

The angle seat and globe valves specified with the ELEMENT actuator are now available with increased diameter orifices. The angle seat valve, types 2100 & 2300 are now also offered with an orifice up to DN 65mm and the globe valves, types 2101 & 2301, up to DN 100mm.

The ELEMENT actuator has been designed to combine the proven reliability of the CLASSIC range with a number of additional benefits. The outer casing, made from hygienic stainless steel, combined with the internal control air routing, ensures there is no corrosion of the actuator springs and no biological contamination inside the actuator. All these design characteristics have produced a valve actuator with excellent performance and reliability features for use in a range of food, beverage, medical and other wash down process environments.

The ELEMENT range is just one of six different designs of valve actuators available to be configured with a host of valve designs and control options. Such a wide range of product options allows nearly every control situation, even in the most demanding of environments, to be accommodated. With decades of experience, Burkert continues to deliver innovation and design excellence in the world of process valve technology.

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