Thursday 10 October 2013

Greenfield rollout of Manf IT platform in Indian pharma plant

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories have successfully rolled out Werum's PAS-X Manufacturing IT Business Platform at their Indian greenfield site in Visakhapatnam. Dr. Reddy's deployed PAS-X for the first time as full-blown MES covering all operations from material receipt to production.

They required an MES Go-Live within a minimum of time. The system had to reliably document the batch production processes to meet all regulatory requirements. In order to ensure the approval of the greenfield plant by all regulators - especially the US health authority FDA - the pharmaceutical company was especially interested in a fully tried and tested MES.

"Based on the good experiences with PAS-X V3 at our Hyderabad plant, we took this system as template and rolled it out at our site in Visakhapatnam", says Sanjay Mantri, Director at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories. "This way, the PAS-X MES was set up within five months only and we were able to quickly start producing the first trial batches. PAS-X helps us to ensure full compliance and the highest quality right from the beginning."

The MES project was implemented by Werum's Asia Support Center in close cooperation with Dr. Reddy's Centre of Excellence.

The pharmaceutical manufacturer plans to install Werum's PAS-X at three further facilities in India.

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