Monday 28 October 2013

Updated solution improves tracking & managing software and licenses

A new version of Wonderware Software Asset Manager, which automatically locates and inventories Wonderware licenses has been issued. Once the inventory of licenses is generated, the solution then automatically identifies, downloads and distributes relevant patches and software updates.

Product overview:
Wonderware Software Asset Manager tracks
& manages users’ software & licenses.
Wonderware Software Asset Manager offers a centralised infrastructure to view and report on Wonderware software and licenses. It automates a client’s patch management strategy and is delivered as a non-intrusive, highly secure, portable service that can be used without impacting system performance or interrupting production. Wonderware Software Asset Manager is available through the company’s Customer FIRST Support and Services Program, a portfolio of comprehensive technical support, software maintenance and professional services. With Wonderware Software Asset Manager, clients can conveniently and confidently know they are running the latest versions of their Wonderware software, reducing ownership cost, improving enterprise health and enhancing planning capabilities.

Key enhancements:
• Continues to be available as part of Premium and Elite Customer FIRST memberships, but now is additionally available for purchase by Standard Customer FIRST members as an agreement option;
• Works as a stand-alone, disconnected environment-- clients can simply download the software and run it without further interaction with Invensys;
• Offers improved usability, including installation, configuration and deployment:
- User-friendly Installation Wizard eliminates manual activities and speeds configuration;
- Error Log is now conveniently visible directly from the client;
- Online Agent provides troubleshooting and self-diagnostics for quick deployment issue resolution;
• Support the latest Microsoft OS and SQL technologies;
• Detects hot fixes and security patches to ensure proper system application.

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