Monday 16 July 2012

Getting the job done!

Multiplex Engineering are a group of automation engineers who pride themselves on their ability to deliver an engineered solution rather than just being a box shifter. Along with supplying well known product names such as SWAN Analytical, Valsteam ADCA, and Nivelco, to name but a few, they make sure the unit being supplied is commissioned, tested and calibrated if that is what the customer requires. If a special skid is needed, Multiplex have the in house capability to design, build, supply and commission customised skids for steam and water analysis in the power industry. They also build customised heat exchanger skids and condensate recovery units for anyone using steam.
From left: Paul O'Neill, Philip McGovern & Declan Coughlin, Multiplex Eng

Paul O’Neill, Declan Coughlan, and Philip McGovern are the men behind Multiplex. Their main focus is the Food, Dairy and Pharmaceutical sectors along with the water industry and power and utility plants. They are in the business long enough to know that a fast response is required to keep downtime to a minimum. They hold large stocks of transmitters, flow meters, valves, etc. at their offices. If you need a steam control valve in a hurry, the chances are it is ex stock. If you need a control panel to go with it, then Multiplex will just make it to suit.

In today’s food and pharmaceutical industry monitoring chlorine on your incoming towns water is crucial. Multiplex have made major headway with their unique Chlorine analyser from SWAN. Essentially it is just fit and forget. No reagents are required and no membrane swap out. It will even alarm if the sample stops for any reason. The councils are realising the benefits of this technology and in some cases are now standardising on it.

They have ISO9001:2008 certification and offer full calibration and maintenance service contracts. They already have an extensive customer base keeping their service team on the go around the clock. The company is very customer focused and offers customised service contracts to suit each individual requirement with the same fast response to ensure minimum downtime on site.

Multiplex have introduced Prediktor NIR to the Irish market. “We can accurately measure protein on line in a hygienic application” says Paul O’Neill. “..or indeed on line fat content measurement of meats is no problem either”. This new technology can deliver major savings by monitoring and controlling on line in real time rather than having to wait for laboratory results and adjusting the process when it may be too late.

So if you need equipment calibrated or have a problem with a steam line, if you need a complete steam survey done or want that small project designed with control panels, pipe work, measuring instruments etc., all specified, supplied, installed and commissioned turnkey?

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