Tuesday 10 July 2012

Flow computer enhanced

Improves flow calculation accuracy, fluid handling flexibility, and reporting consistency to reduce uncertainty, simplify measurement, and facilitate faster report generation

The ROC800L liquid hydrocarbon flow computer has been updated by Emerson Process Management, delivering improvements to flow calculation accuracy, fluid handling flexibility, and reporting consistency. These improvements will allow users to reduce uncertainty, generate faster reports, and improve measurement precision.

The ROC800L covers a wide variety of applications for liquid handlers across a full range of liquid hydrocarbons, including crude oil, refined products, special application products, lubricating oils, and light hydrocarbons. The ROC800L takes advantage of the easy-to-use architecture of the ROC family, offering fill-in-the blank configuration that brings users online faster.

For accurate and flexible measurement, the unit has been enhanced to include the ability to maintain accurate measurements by calculating vapour pressure based on GPA-TP-15 (API chapter 11.2.4). Measure and correct ethanol volume as a new fluid capability based on OIML-R22 (1973) or ABNT NBR 5992 standards. Correct water volume per API 11.4.1. and monitor volume loss from evaporation. This can be achieved by entering a shrinkage factor for each liquid meter monitored, either by sample analysis or by using volume monitoring external to the ROC800L, accounting for product shrinkage per API chapter 20.1.

The ROC800L now also generates liquid production EFM (Electronic Flow Measurement) reports in the same format as the ROC809 and ROC827 for gas measurement, allowing the user better reporting consistency between gas and liquid reports and quicker report access.

"We continue to provide enhanced solutions to address the thriving liquids market," acknowledged Craig Llewellyn, president, Emerson Process Management, Remote Automation Solutions. "These ROC800L enhancements address our customer challenges and will enable them to compete better in their markets."

ROC800L compliments the ROC800 family of products to fill the need for a rugged RTU type flow computer that is DIN rail mounted with the capability of withstanding the toughest environments that the oil field has to offer. The ROC800L can be a stand-alone, solar powered device, or connect to a host system including Emerson’s OpenEnterprise SCADA system and DeltaV™ digital automation system. This allows customers to derive the maximum benefit by performing remote device diagnostics using Emerson’s AMS Suite of predictive maintenance software to improve productivity and reduce maintenance cost.

The ROC800L had been tested and found to meet the requirements of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate for liquid flow computers, and CSA Class 1 Div 2 safety requirements.

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