Tuesday 31 July 2012

Great place to work!

The Great Place to Work® Institute named National Instruments number six among the top 25 best multinational workplaces in Europe. 

José Tolovi Jr, Chairman,
Great Place to Work Institute
Being named among the top workplaces in Europe recognises the commitment NI makes to its employees, which directly impacts the company’s key stakeholders and is essential to the long-term growth and success of the company. At NI, the 100-year plan is built on the principle that the culture and employees are a key differentiator and long-term competitive advantage. The unique corporate culture and being honoured as a great place to work is a worldwide standard at NI. Several NI branches in Europe have been recognised as best places to work by the Great Place to Work® Institute, including NI Germany (2004-2005, 2008-2011), NI Italy (2007-2011), NI France (2009-2011) and NI UK (2006-2012). (See report on this recognition in Britain in 2010 Best place to work for five years.) 

“We have been successful in establishing a strong culture that not only helps foster innovation but maintains a positive work environment and a business built to last in a tough economy as well as in times of growth,” said Francis Griffiths, Vice President of European Sales and Marketing for NI. “NI employees have been working hard to achieve the best for our customers and are the reason we are a great company.” 

As NI has grown from a three-man operation to a multinational organisation, it has maintained its entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative nature that spurs innovation in every area of the business. NI also holds the philosophy that a well-balanced work environment improves employees’ well-being and inspires excellence. 

“All companies which have been recognised as one of Europe’s Best Workplaces have established trust-based work cultures that set the standard not only in Europe but around the world,” said José Tolovi, Jr., Chairman of the Board, Great Place to Work® Institute. “This achievement is a testament to the strength of the organisations’ leadership and their commitment to building a great workplace regardless of country, industry or size. Whether economies are growing or under strain, these great companies recognise the importance of a workplace culture based on trust, pride and camaraderie and the positive impact this can have on business performance.” 

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