Friday 20 July 2012

Flexible coding system for miniature connectors

Harting has developed a highly flexible coding system for the D-Sub miniature connector series. This coding system prevents cable connections from being connected to the wrong port in an I/O front panel incorporating several identical D-Sub miniature connectors.

Their coding system offers 36 different variants which can be adapted to all D-Sub miniature series with housing type E. The system can either be installed by customers using an adapted Harting service tool or delivered fully assembled. The new system is compatible with the standard D-Sub 9-pole, D-Sub high-density 15-pole and D-Sub mixed 2W2–2W2C–5W1 configurations.

The Harting D-Sub coding system can be attached to existing front panels using two female connector screws without any special modifications. On the cable side, the coding frame and the standard cable connector are compatible with the Harting Inducom metal hood series.

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