Monday 2 July 2012

Accurate & efficient reliability analysis..

Emerson Process Management has announced the latest release of its industry-leading asset management software, AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager. Version 5.5 of AMS Machinery Manager augments the analysis of predictive diagnostics from mechanical assets by delivering advanced plot capabilities, including shaft animation and audio waveform, interactive reporting, and online collaboration. Through analysis of critical machinery health information, maintenance and operations personnel can identify and resolve machinery issues before equipment damage and process interruptions occur.

This new version aids reliability and maintenance professionals in diagnostic and root cause analysis and provides early identification of issues that are typically difficult to diagnose. Using the new shaft animation plot tool, users can see the actual motion of the shaft around the average shaft position. During the animation replay, users can view detailed graphs for easier identification of key orbit characteristics and full machine movement. Users can also replay an audio recording of waveforms to hear audible indications of a problem.

Enhanced reporting capabilities enable users to design customised reports by specifying parameters and fields, with robust sorting and filtering capabilities. Reports can be exported, so that information is easy to share with key stakeholders. A new collaboration tool enables users to share information regarding problem assets. Through better collaboration, facilities can easily expand pockets of expertise and extend best practices to all areas of the plant.

Recognising the importance of thermal image analysis in reliability programmes, AMS Machinery Manager has expanded its thermal image support to Flir cameras. Users can now easily integrate images from both Flir and Fluke infrared cameras. The import function includes palette types and annotation classes to support the various cameras.

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