Thursday 26 July 2012

Wireless and Ethernet compatibility

Smart Wireless Gateway with EtherNet/IP output compatibility reduces the time and cost to establish a wireless field network with an EtherNet/IP PLC (programmable logic controller) 

Emerson Process Management is making it easier for process industry manufacturers who require EtherNet/IP to set-up and run a wireless field network in their operation. 

Currently, PLC users requiring EtherNet/IP must purchase a converter from a third party provider to add wireless to their systems. Using a converter can increase the time it takes to establish and run the wireless network, while adding cost and hardware complexity. The Emerson Smart Wireless Gateway eliminates the need for the converter and provides users with a simple integration that will natively speak to their PLC through the EtherNet/IP connection. 

In addition, the Smart Wireless Gateway also provides enhanced security features for industrial automation and control systems. These new security features are designed to IEC 62443 (ISA99) standards and are intended to fully comply with NERC CIP requirements. The new customised user account feature allows a manager to easily set-up and configure gateway access privileges for various members of their operation. 

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