Wednesday 4 July 2012

Extended wireless coverage

New active repeater for T24 wireless telemetr system extends range and coverage

LCM Systems has launched the latest addition to the T24 wireless telemetry system for multiple data acquisition in real time. The T24-AR is a wireless active repeater designed to increase the range and overall coverage of the system, the major benefit being its ability to enable T24 modules to transmit around obstructions.

The T24 itself is a versatile set of products, based around proprietary acquisition devices that can be mixed and matched to provide high quality remote readings for critical applications. The acquisition modules can provide data to multiple output devices and the new T24-AR can effectively double the radio range as the messages are repeated once. Without the use of the repeater, the T24 has a range of up to 200m (650ft) and although the use of multiple repeaters will not increase the range beyond 400m (1300ft), the area of coverage can be extended by combining multiple acquisition modules in strategic positions. The T24-AR acts as a transparent link between these modules and the base station or handheld display.

A number of acquisition modules are available. For strain gauges, there is a five-wire measurement device - the T24-SA, while the T24-VA voltage acquisition accepts 0-10V, and the T24-IA accepts 0-20mA, suitable for a wide range of sensors with a 4-20mA output. This means that a wide range of sensors can be wirelessly monitored including load cells, inclinometers, accelerometers, displacement LVDT, pressure, temperature, humidity, pH and shock.

The Repeater is powered either by alkaline ‘D’ cells or an external power supply and is rated to IP65 and NEMA4 protected. As with all modules in the T24 system, the T24-AR is easy to configure via a PC and the user-friendly Windows package T24 toolkit software.

LCM Systems can offer a fully integrated system solution comprising of load cells and wireless telemetry products, packaged into a fully functional bespoke solution to meet customers’ specific requirements.

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