Wednesday 25 July 2012

Another voice to advance automation!

The Measurement, Control & Automation Association (MCAA) has signed a Memorandum of Membership with the Automation Federation (AF). As the newest member, MCAA has agreed to collaborate with the other member organisations to advance the automation profession.

The Automation Federation is an association of member organizations providing awareness, programs and services that continually advance all facets of the automation profession. The Automation Federation serves as the “Voice of Automation” by providing advocacy and industry-wide strategic analysis and coordination through its member organizations. The Automation Federation is bringing like-minded organizations, like MCAA, together to create a stronger "Voice" that will further spread the messages about the importance of the automation profession and the need to develop the next generation of automation professionals.

Cynthia Esher, President MCAA
MCAA is a trade association whose purpose is bringing process control providers together to develop the resources they need to prosper. The organization helps the management teams of process control product and solution providers run and grow successful businesses by offering timely, unique and highly specialized resources acquired from shared management benchmarks and strategies where proprietary company information is secure. Because of the interest of its membership in workforce development, MCAA recognized the valuable work of the Automation Federation and has joined the Automation Federation as its fourteenth member organization.

MCAA President, Cynthia Esher, said today, “One of our primary concerns is Workforce Development. Our Association has taken interest in the work of the Automation Federation to promote the next generation of automation professionals. MCAA will join with the other organizations in the Automation Federation to create more visibility for our industry with our future workforce. We’re interested in this effort from all levels: high schools, trade schools, technical schools and engineering schools. We recognize the strength of the alliance we are making through membership in the Automation Federation and believe that together we can make a difference in this vital area.”

“The Automation Federation welcomes MCAA as our newest member organization. I know MCAA’s support and participation will strengthen our workforce development efforts significantly. I look forward to working together for the advancement of the automation profession,” said 2012 Automation Federation Chair, Leo Staples.

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