Tuesday 3 July 2012

Software centre in Genoa consolodates

Siemens is pooling its Genoese (I) activities at the Technological District in Erzelli and establishing an Industry Software Center which is to host about 600 jobs from 2014 on. They have entered into a long term leasing agreement with the Genova Hightech S.P.A. which will cover 9 years with a 6 year extension option. The overall investment by Siemens will be above 20 million EUR. Signing of the leasing agreement, Siegfried Russwurm, Siemens Board Member and CEO of the Industry Sector, said: "Expanding our industrial software portfolio is one of our strategic levers for the Siemens Industry Sector. Pooling main parts of our activities in Erzelli, Genoa, provides proof of our ongoing commitment to Italy and the expertise of our Siemens Software engineers in the Region of Liguria."

Erzelli Technological District, Genoa (I)
Today, Genoa serves as the worldwide excellence center for Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM) which covers software categories like HMI (Human Machine Interface), MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), quality systems, plant asset management and others. The new Siemens offices in Erzelli will have about 8.500 m² and host a training center, a data room and around 600 workplaces. After opening, the offices will be used by Siemens employees and external software partners working for Siemens in Genoa. Relocation of the employees is planned after the finalization of the construction in 2014.

Siemens is successfully developing industrial software in Genoa since the company acquired the Italian software firm ORSI Automazione in 2001. Genoa became the headquarter for the development and marketing of SIMATIC IT, the Siemens suite of products for the management of manufacturing operations. In the following years, Siemens has continuously strengthened its portfolio for this growth market.

The latest companies, Siemens has acquired in industrial software are Active Tecnologia em Sistemas de Automação (pharmaceutical and biotech production), Vistagy Inc. (composite material design), IBS AG (quality and production management) and Innotec do Brasil (holistic plant management).

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