Tuesday 10 July 2012

Prolific author talks!

One of the most prolific authors in the area of control and automation is Greg McMillan. His advice as a mentor is sought and valued throughout the sector. He also has a sense of deprecating and well observed humour and is not afraid to display this in some of his published works.

One of his most popular works is "How to Become an Instrument Engineer: The Making of a Prima Donna!" A work which expresses so well the delights and frustrations of our profession. "Have you ever tried to explain to a spouse or a friend what an instrument engineer does?" he asks in the first few paragraphs, and he has us hooked!

Susan Colwell, of the Publication Department of International Society of Automation (ISA), works closely with him in the publishing of his work. Recently she sat down with him and discussed his work, wit and philosophy. He describes his writing "I find an incredible release in expressing myself and being myself...."

"I write so ideas are not lost....it is a crime to see the expertise that is being lost each day as the most experienced professionals are encouraged to retire, never having the opportunity to pass on the knowledge they gained the hard way." 

It is indeed difficult to quantify the incalculable debt owed by the world of automation to Greg McMillan and the other "doers" who commit their experience, not to say wisdom to posterity in writing.

Her interview may be found on the new ISA Interchange.

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