Monday 13 February 2012

Rugged waterproof connector for industrial sensor applications

Intelliconnect (Europe) offers a range of multi-pin waterproof connectors available with from 4 to 14 connecting pins. The 4 way connector compliments, in performance and dimensions, the commonly used TNC waterproof coaxial RF connector.

Remote sensing and monitoring of equipment and pipelines in industrial, water and petrochemical installations is becoming increasingly popular. Remote monitoring eliminates the need for constant manual measurement and enables planned intervention and correction to take place, reducing costly failures and emergency shut-downs of plant. Remote sensing systems typically use a range of permanently installed wireless enabled sensors which can measure the thickness of pipes for signs of corrosion, flow direction, flow rates and other critical parameters as part of a control and monitoring system.

Many such systems use readily available TNC waterproof coaxial connectors for RF signals which Intelliconnect offer as a standard product. Intelliconnect became aware of a growing requirement from their TNC connector customers for a matching multi-pin connector for control signals. This new connector would simplify equipment design and manufacture and improve the design, functionality and appearance of the final control panel or equipment.

Intelliconnect has developed a range of multi-pin connectors capable of handling 3 amps of signal current and rated to IP68 in its unmated condition. In order for the connector to be fitted alongside waterproof TNC connectors used for RF antennas and provide a uniform panel design the 4 contact pins required were installed into the same style connector shell. The insert design is keyed to ensure positive mating and eliminate the possibility of damage by miss-mating.

The connector is designed to handle power as well as low voltage signals enabling switching and actuation of electro-mechanical devices. The maximum space between the contacts in a TNC body allows for an operating voltage of 300v RMS with a dielectric withstanding voltage (DWV) of 1000v RMS. The Insulation resistance of the connector is 5000MΩ to ensure reliable operation in high altitude or high humidity applications and the durability rating is specified at 500 insertion cycles minimum.

To allow for all possible environmental conditions in use, from sub-zero arctic like conditions in places such as Russia and Alaska through to the heat of Texas or Saudi Arabia an operating range of -65⁰C to + 165⁰C is standard. All metal components are standard nickel plating over a brass body to meet TNC specification Mil-prf 39012 enabling both the Intelliconnect 4 way quadraxial connector and RF TNC connector to be fitted into equipment and offer a uniform design both aesthetically and functionally.

Intelliconnect have extended this new waterproof multi-pin connector range from 2 up to 14 way connectors. All models are rated to IP68, waterproof in their unmated condition to a depth of 20m for a period of 4 hours minimum. Typical applications include MIL, marine, oil and gas, communications and rail traction

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