Wednesday 8 February 2012

Process weighing video

New VPG process weighing video highlights features and capabilities of G4 modular instrument for weighing and force measurement

The VPG Process Weighing division of the Vishay Precision Group,  has unveiled a new video highlighting the features and capabilities of the G4 modular high-speed instrument for weighing and force measurement and control applications. Based on more than 60 years of experience, BLH and Nobel Weighing Systems have developed the G4 for multi-channel operations and for today's communications requirements. The new five-minute, animated presentation provides a 3D view of the instrument, allowing users to see exactly how to set it up and use it.

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The video "G4: State of the Art Instrument for Weighing and Force Measurement" demonstrates the G4's easy-to-use interface and the optimal visibility provided by the unit's 5.7 inch color touchscreen and graphics display. Viewers can see how six different hardware modules can easily be added to or replaced on the instrument according to customer or application requirements.

By equipping the unit with single- or dual-channel modules — or two-channel, high-speed modules with sample rates up to 800 updates per second — the instrument can provide up to eight weighing or force measurement channels, all synchronized to improve performance in industrial environments. To increase I/O communication, the G4 can be equipped with I/O modules featuring eight digital inputs and outputs, in addition to a single or quad analog output for PLC-based control systems.

The G4's wide variety of communication interfaces for industrial applications are also highlighted in the video. USB, Ethernet, and Serial communication are standard on the CPU module, and fieldbus interfaces can be changed easily via a plug-in module. Ethernet with Modbus TCP and the Ethernet/IP protocol support process monitoring and control in addition to remote set-up by a browser application on a PC or mobile device.

The video concludes with a discussion of the G4's many weighing and force measurement applications, from single or multiple tank weighing to batching and web tension. Through the Windows® CE operating system, the VPG Process Weighing division can tailor software to fit the needs of any application for process weighing or force measurement.

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