Tuesday 21 February 2012

Automotive and railway vehicle testing

A new CAN and LIN Bus monitor module, a 16-channel temperature/voltage module and a DC power-supply option have been introduced to enhance vehicle testing with the Yokogawa DL850V Vehicle Edition ScopeCorder.

The CAN and LIN Bus monitor module interprets CAN and LIN protocols, monitors communication data on these buses, and displays this data as waveforms on the screen of the DL850V ScopeCorder. Instead of digital code (hex or numeric), the user can define and monitor the target signals using CAN DBC or LIN LDF network definition files. Using the DL850V with this new input module, a great deal of measurement time is saved as an engineer can decode the bus signal and retrieve information on physical data, like engine temperature, wheel speed and braking, and compare this with the data coming from real sensors.

The 16-channel temperature/voltage module is designed to be used in conjunction with a scanner box, and allows the ScopeCorder to be used for simultaneous measurements on temperature and voltage inputs. This is often required in electromechanical tests where temperature change or heating is expected and needs to be monitored along with electrical parameters and physical ones such as pressure and strain.

Up to 16 channels of temperature or DC voltage data can be measured by the module, with the thermocouple or electrical connection being provided by a screw terminal on the external scanner box. The input terminal blocks contains the reference junction compensation circuitry and are isolated from ground. Isolation is also provided between channels within the input terminal block.

Excellent noise rejection is provided by using a delta-sigma analogue/digital converter which uses oversampling and digital filtering technologies to eliminate noise.

The new 12 V DC power supply option allows the DL850V to be taken for a test drive in a car, train or other vehicle by supplying the instrument with power from a vehicle's battery. Also AC and DC power supply can be used together to ensure measurement data protection in, for instance, railway environments where there is an unstable power supply. If the AC power goes down, the DL850V instantly switches to the DC input without interrupting the measurement itself.

The Yokogawa DL850V Vehicle Edition is a version of Yokogawa's successful ScopeCorder waveform acquisition and recording instrument specifically designed to meet the requirements of the automotive and transportation industry.

The Yokogawa ScopeCorder family are versatile instruments that combine the benefits of a high-speed oscilloscope with those of a traditional data acquisition recorder in a single, portable instrument.

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