Wednesday 29 February 2012

Loop powered indicator is explosion proof

New loop powered indicator for explosion proof applications

Yokogawa has announced the the release of another high quality and well engineered product, the MLX loop powered indicator. The MLX is the latest addition to Yokogawa’s family of loop powered indicators operating from a 4-20 mA DC input. This model incorporates the LCD from the Yokogawa EJX pressure transmitter into a NEMA 4X aluminum housing. The MLX currently meets Factory Mutual or FM Explosion Proof requirements and will meet INMETRO, CSA, ATEX, IEC and Russian GOST in the near future.

Typical applications for FM approved loop powered indicators are located in potentially hazardous environments. They have been specified mostly by the chemical industry for the past 25-30 years. However, these indicators can be used in many other industries where a rugged, weatherproof enclosure is needed. Loop powered indicators provide an additional view of the measured value between a field instrument and the control room. This local indication of flow, pressure, liquid level or temperature can also be an invaluable aid during maintenance or when troubleshooting a malfunction.

The MLX contains a 6 digit numerical display with a range of +/- 999999, a 6 digit alphanumeric display for engineering units and a 20 segment bar graph indicating 0 to 100% of full scale. Most LCDs used in loop powered indicators are typically 3.5, 4.5 or 5 digit displays. With a 6 digit numerical display, additional resolution is provided to the end user. The numerical and alphanumeric displays are configurable to show the desired number and engineering units.

Another MLX feature is root extraction to aid in flow measurement. The MLX will extract the square root from the 4-20 mA signal sent by the differential flow/pressure transmitter displaying the actual flow reading.
Like Yokogawa’s MLA, MLD, and MLD1 loop powered indicators, the MLX shares the following characteristics:
• 4-20 mA DC input
• Same NEMA 4X aluminum housing
• Horizontal or Vertical Mount on 2” Pipe
• FM approval
• Epoxy Resin or Polyurethane-Epoxy Paint Options
• Calibration Range and Scale Option
• Stainless Steel Tag Option

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