Tuesday 7 February 2012

New belt gear for actuators

New, compact belt gear introduced for precision linear actuators 
Improved wash-down capabilities also well-suited to food packaging and other harsh environment applications.

Thomson Industries has introduced a new, more compact belt gear solution for their T60 Series Precision Electric Linear Actuators. The BGM06 belt gear enables installation in limited space applications. A rugged aluminum housing earns the BGM06 an IP65 rating for protection against dirt ingress and an S1 rating for wash down, which improves the belt gear’s ability to withstand water and other aggressive chemicals, ideal for harsh environments such as food and beverage applications.

In addition to minimum space requirements, the BGM06 belt gear also comes with a new, optional clevis fork. The fork in combination with the clevis pins mounted directly to the back of the gear, make this mounting fast and straightforward with only a fractional increase to the overall package dimensions. The BGM06 belt mounts directly to Kollmorgen AKM3 or AKM4 servomotors with alternative motor mounts available on request.

Niklas Sjöström, Product Specialist Thomson Linear Motion Systems, says: The new Thomson BGM06 belt gear and the T60 Precision Linear Actuator offers high thrust force and low backlash solutions where small dimensions are most important.”

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