Friday 24 February 2012

One year in automation!

We've had a lot of ISA news these last few days! But as we say to every automation entity if you have news send it to us it has a better chance of getting out there if it's on our desk than on yours! Remember we welcome automation news on products, applications, people, events etc. What's the worst tha can happen? It might be ignored but why take the risk?

The International Society of Automation (ISA) has produced its annual report, 2011 President’s Year in Review. (pdf). The report provides ISA members insight into the 67-year-old Society’s goals, activities, and accomplishments for the year, while showing non-members how the Society is meeting the needs of automation professionals worldwide.

The report highlights the many successes achieved in such areas as expanded training of automation professionals, new technical publications and resources, and developments in ISA standards and standards compliance. The report covers the many contributions ISA Automation Week and division symposia made in bringing technical education, insights into automation issues and networking opportunities to the automation profession during the year. It features, for the first time, profiles of automation professionals whose careers the Society’s activities have impacted.

Readers also will learn about initiatives launched in 2011, such as new membership grades and the new information-and-blog website, ISA Interchange. Successful expansion into social media played an important role in accomplishing the Society’s 2011 goals.

The 2011 President’s Year in Review also details how ISA sections implemented numerous programs during the year, from local expositions and training, to a speakers’ directory and outreach activities with schools.

ISA’s growth and expanding reach in training and certification are affirmative indications of the Society’s continual impact on the automation community. Notable are the new Technician Training Boot Camp and the significant progress made in training programs in international markets. Both made positive contributions to the Society’s revenue.

The 2011 President’s Year in Review wraps up with the numbers--a summary of the finances that enabled ISA’s members, customers, and subject-matter experts to provide value to the automation community throughout the year.

Leo Staples, ISA’s 2011 president, commented, “2011 President’s Year in Review serves as a valuable resource for automation professionals to use when communicating with colleagues, contacts, and management about the benefits ISA provides to the profession, to technology, and to careers.”

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