Tuesday 21 February 2012

Insight into process & measurement abnormalities

Measurement validation diognostic provides unique insights

The industry-first measurement validation diagnostic on Rosemount® 848T temperature transmitters helps users avoid unnecessary shutdowns, process inefficiencies and safety issues

Emerson Process Management’s industry-first Measurement Validation diagnostic is now available on the Rosemount® 848T FOUNDATION fieldbus temperature transmitter. This new diagnostic detects temperature measurement and process abnormalities, which allows users to take preventative action to avoid unnecessary shutdowns, process inefficiencies and safety issues.

Temperature sensors, such as thermocouples and RTDs (resistance-temperature detector), can degrade over time due to harsh process conditions, vibration, and other factors. By evaluating the variation in the temperature measurement, Measurement Validation can detect abnormalities related to degraded sensors, as well as electronic interference, corroded termination points, loose electrical connections and process upsets. By alerting the user to these issues, degraded temperature sensors can be replaced before they fail or other preventative action can be taken – resulting in fewer process shutdowns, more efficient processes and increased safety. Measurement Validation also calculates the process rate of change which can help users detect runaway reactions before alarm conditions are met.

For over 50 years, Emerson’s Rosemount temperature portfolio has provided reliable temperature measurement to the process industry and with over 200,000 temperature transmitters delivered a year, Rosemount temperature transmitters are recognised as a leading technology in the process industry.

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