Wednesday 22 February 2012

Two wire liquid transmitters

Cost-effective measurement solutions for a wide range of industry applications

A new family of two-wire liquid instruments featuring the broadest range of measurement parameters available, advanced communications capabilities and unique ease-of-use features has been announced by Emerson. The Rosemount® Analytical 1066 transmitters are suitable for many industrial applications including those with exacting performance requirements such as pharmaceutical and food and beverage, and in harsh environments such as chemical plants, metals processing, and effluent monitoring. The 1066 Series has the latest version of HART® 7, and they are the industry’s first pH transmitters to be registered under the Interoperability Test Kit 6 (ITK6) from FOUNDATION fieldbus.

The Rosemount Analytical 1066 family of transmitters can measure pH, ORP, resistivity/conductivity, per-cent concentration, total dissolved solids, total chlorine, free chlorine, monochloramine, dissolved oxygen and dissolved ozone. A second sensor input allows continuous pH correction for free chlorine measurement.

According to Dave Anderson, Marketing Director, Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical, "The 1066 transmitters are feature-rich and cost-effective, and include many capabilities that we have implemented into our high-end instruments such as SMART pH sensor capability, which eliminates the need for field calibration. The instruments’ SMART capabilities also enable them to accept pre-calibrated Rosemount Analytical SMART pH sensors, saving time and money for field technicians."

The 1066 FOUNDATION fieldbus transmitter can use analogue output function blocks to link to temperature and pressure measurements from the bus for temperature and pressure compensation, which can increase the accuracy and responsiveness of the measurement. The 1066 also has a full complement of analogue control and math function blocks for use by the 1066 or other devices on the bus to facilitate control in the field. ITK 6 compliance also brings with it new features including field diagnostics, which provide user configurable alerts and common software downloads, which makes transmitter software upgrades possible without taking the transmitter out of service.

The HART version of the 1066 is switchable between HART 5 and 7, allowing the 1066 to be used with HART 7 capable hosts, as well as legacy hosts. The added features of HART 7 include publishing status and a time stamp with live measurements, and long tag names (32 characters) which makes it possible to describe the location and application of a transmitter more completely.

Housed in a 1/2 DIN enclosure, the 1066 Series features a large display with exceptional ease of use and an intuitive menu system. A diagnostic key allows for immediate troubleshooting. A few keystrokes on simple menu screens guide the operator through any function quickly and easily.

Anderson stated, "Users will recognise the simple, big-screen display from our most popular four-wire transmitter, the 1056. The new 1066 Series is compatible with the same key measurements as our four-wire units, so customers can stock the same sensor for both two-wire and four-wire installations. And it is extremely easy to wire and install, which is a huge benefit in difficult field environments."

The 1066 HART configuration is fully compatible with the Smart Wireless THUM™ adapter for immediate commissioning to Emerson wireless networks. For the highest performance, the 1066 uses patented low frequency noise reduction and includes cable capacitance and series resistance compensation for improved accuracy and reliability. The straightforward architecture, fully integrated electronics and automatic self-test, further assure the reliability that a workhorse analyser requires.

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