Sunday 12 February 2012

New Hygrometer aids environmental monitoring

The S8000 Remote Hygrometer from Michell Instruments, provides highly flexible, drift-free moisture measurements for climatic chambers and industrial applications. The instrument offers the best RH accuracy on the market today, when compared to similar remote-sensor hygrometers.

This latest addition to their high-precision range of dew-point hygrometers, the S8000 Remote, uses the chilled mirror measurement technique to make highly accurate and repeatable measurements of dew-point. Its remote sensor allows for easy measurements to be made directly in the area of interest, eliminating the need for a complex and costly sampling system for many applications where the sensor can be placed directly in the environment.

Where direct insertion is not possible, the sensor is easily mounted in a sample block and included in a sampling system, while the instrument itself can be located in a convenient place for operation and readings.

A key use for the S8000 Remote is as a reference for climatic chambers, but it is also ideal for automotive engine tests, HVAC control and performance verification - such as is required in the manufacture of Lithium Ion batteries as well as in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.

As with other instruments in Michell's Chilled Mirror Range, the S8000 Remote is highly accurate. Its new sensor design incorporates a high-precision 1/10 DIN PT100 to provide ±0.1°C dew-point accuracy. In combination with the temperature sensor, which also has an accuracy of ±0.1°C, the S8000 provides unrivalled RH measurement accuracy.

Data collection is also convenient - the S8000 Remote has a high-contrast LCD display to provide an indication of the measured values, along with a trend graph and fault warnings. All parameters can be logged either to a PC via a USB connection, or directly to an SD card.

Michell instruments are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology, consistent advertisers with Read-out

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