Thursday 23 February 2012

Test programming company expands

Seica’s DNA has always included strong international tendencies, both in terms of customers and partnerships, but at the same time it is also an important part of the local economy and, in recognition of Seica’s significant role in its development, the local government recently awarded Barbara Duvall and Antonio Grassino with a plaque commemorating the 25 year anniversary of the company. The expansion of the industrial facilities in Strambino (I) will further contribute to the development of the local economy, and will also allow Seica to better respond to the requirements of its increasingly global marketplace.

Antonio Grassino, President Seica,
Local Mayor making presentation to Barbara Duvall,
General Manager, Seica 
Founded as a test house specialized in functional test programming, today the company is a leader in developing and manufacturing systems and applications for testing electronic boards and modules. The company has been on a strong growth path for several years, and to support this development, last week the directors signed the final contract sealing the acquisition of an industrial site destined for the construction of another building to create the space for the expanding engineering and manufacturing activities.

Seica’s global presence is assured by an extensive sales network and, in addition to the main Headquarters in Italy, there are four subsidiaries: Seica France (Paris) and Seica Inc, (Salem NH and Dallas, USA) opened in 2000, Seica Electronics (Suzhou) in China opened in 2004, and Seica Deutschland (Munich) opened in 2008.

Operating in a business is directly related to the electronics industry in general, Seica has been fully engaged and proactive in the noted rapid evolution of this sector in regard to technology, geography, product life cycles and manufacturing strategies, while remaining true to the founding principles of innovation, flexibility and cost effectiveness. This commitment is reflected in the leading-edge technology offered for all aspects of test, and in the attention given to providing products that help customers achieve their goals to increase the productivity of their investments.

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