Wednesday 29 February 2012

Transducers for paper!

Transducers developed for paper production measurement

RDP Electronics has developed transducers designed to withstand the corrosive environment encountered in pulp and paper manufacturing processes.

Their transducers have been widely used in paper machines for many years and the company has developed a special transducer version in response to the requirement for resistance to the effects of paper stock. Particularly around the slice indication application, where LVDTs measure the gap through which the paper pulp is extruded on to the webbing, there is a high tendency of the transducer to be splashed and wetted with paper stock which contains corrosive chemicals. These chemicals are corrosive, even to some steels so transducers for this application are designed to provide protection against the chemicals in the paper stock, as well as protection against the cleaning functions that are undertaken using high pressure hoses. The transducers typically have a built in 4-20mA amplifier for easy interface into the paper machine control system.

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