Monday 27 February 2012

Monitoring & control offshore

Whether maximising existing oil and gas reserves or addressing offshore wind reliability, the offshore energy industries are looking to technology to solve complex monitoring and control challenges.  National Instruments UK & Ireland has announced the panel of industry experts who will present the latest technologies for upstream, midstream and downstream applications at theNI Offshore Measurement & Control Summit 2012, held in Aberdeen, Scotland, on 21st March 2012.

Robin Gordan University, Aberdeen, Scotland
This free one-day event, focused on the renewable, oil and gas sector, will bring together industry speakers, engineers and managers for technology discussions, in-depth case studies, hands-on training and networking opportunities. 

The guest speakers and presentation topics include:

Controlling ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) - Smart Technologies for Subsea Operations
Edin Omerdic, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Limerick’s Mobile & Marine Robotics Research Centre (MMRRC), will present a session highlighting the challenges faced by ROV pilots during deep water operations, including low visibility, time-varying ocean currents and umbilical drag effects. Omerdic will explain how OceanRINGS, a set of components developed by MMRRC, can increase automation, making ROV operations easier and reduce expensive ship time by 20%.

Deploying Structural Monitoring on Offshore Wind Turbines
The application of structural health monitoring systems deployed on offshore wind turbines is a particularly challenging task, where ease of installation, ruggedness and reliability of equipment is essential. Paul Faulkner, Senior Product Manager at Strainstall, will show how a measurement system can provide key information on the structural integrity of offshore wind turbine towers to evaluate the structural response, status and operational life of the deployment.

Accelerating the Implementation of an Advanced Control System for Pipeline Welding
Anthony Wilson, Software and Controls Engineer from Pipeline Technique, will speak about the challenges of pipeline welding for the oil and gas industries and how he has solved complex control problems by using off-the-shelf embedded hardware, whilst also reducing development time.

On-Vessel Riser Management System
In his presentation about BPP-TECH's on-vessel oil riser management system, Rodrigue Akkari, Senior Engineer, will describe the stand-alone unit used to acquire and host data from a variety of vessel and subsea systems. Akkari will also discuss how software is used to analyse data in order to estimate stresses and recommend the optimal vessel position.

Using Off-The-Shelf Technology to Solve Complex Measurement & Control Challenges
In addition, the Summit's Keynote, presented by National Instruments, will show how off-the-shelf technology can accelerate the development of measurement and control applications. (Download Summit Agenda)

Hands-on Workshops
As well as learning how industry experts have solved real world applications, Summit attendees can take the opportunity to have valuable hands-on training with measurement and control hardware, used for system monitoring, data logging, condition monitoring and embedded control.

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