Thursday 16 February 2012

Recalling data from wind turbines!

MatrikonOPC helps operators keep wind farms efficient, profitable with OPC Server for Siemens Wind Turbine Controllers

Wind farm operators can now access key performance and maintenance data from their Siemens wind turbines without relying on proprietary drivers. By using the newly released OPC Server for Siemens Wind Turbine Controllers from MatrikonOPC ™, users throughout an enterprise can put this data to work to help maximize their wind farms’ return on investment.

The OPC Server for Siemens Wind Turbine Controllers transfers data between the turbine controllers and HMIs, historians, and ERP systems directly – eliminating the need to rely on the iBox, a proprietary connector. This enables wind farm owners and operators to get status updates from the wind farms to make crucial decisions in their day-to-day wind farm maintenance and operations.

"Easy, reliable access to wind turbine data is crucial for successful wind farm operation and management. Secure on-demand visibility into turbine conditions gives owners and operators a clear picture of what is happening on each of their turbines – allowing them to take corrective actions before systems start to fail. The OPC Server for Siemens Turbine Controllers provides this visibility – making profitable wind farm operation a lot easier to achieve," said Darek Kominek, Marketing Manager at MatrikonOPC.

Key features and benefits of the OPC Server for Siemens Wind Turbine Controllers:
• Ability to connect to a hand-held port
• Communicates directly to the KK controller
• Tag level security to manage access to tags based on users’ login information.

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