Monday 13 February 2012

EPLAN and Rittal both specialise in offering effective approaches with intelligent links between software based tools and processes.

EPLAN is the solution for all your electrical documentation. Whether designing single line diagrams, electrical schematics, wiring diagram, block diagrams, fluid (hydraulic or pneumatic) connection diagrams, EPLAN handles on-line repetitive tasks, even when multiple users work simultaneously on a project.

Rittal Therm, the software calculation programme for the climate control of enclosures, eliminates laborious calculation of climate control requirements. An easy to use interface leads the user to the appropriate and correctly dimensioned cooling solution. This allows ultimate design for the most efficient system cooling solutions available to the market today. A direct link to Rittal Therm software has been added to EPLAN Platform 2.1 to facilitate even more efficient planning options, together with high-quality heating, cooling and air conditioning component product data by Rittal.

Many of EPLAN’s 25,000 customers have already taken the next decisive step towards consistent engineering by updating to the new EPLAN Platform 2.1 software, which can now be downloaded from the support domain of the EPLAN homepage for all software service customers. Benefits include faster results in electrical, fluid and EI&C engineering with improved quality in machines and plant documentation.

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