Saturday 25 February 2012

Plant of the year award presented on-site!

The HART® Communication Foundation presented the 2011 HART Plant of the Year Award to the Shell Scotford Upgrader during a special presentation at the plant site located outside Fort Saskatchewan (CDN). Foundation Executive Director Ron Helson visited the plant on February 1, 2012, to present the award in recognition of Shell engineers’ innovation in their application of HART technology.
HART Communication Foundation Executive Director Ron Helson (3rd from left) presents the 2011 HART Plant of the Year Award to Shell Scotford Upgrader, Alberta, Canada (l-r): Japan Shah, Project Specialist, Honeywell; Chris Schultz, Shell Upgrader Engineering Manager; Andy Bahniuk, CMA Instrumentation Technologist; Dan Pearce, Controls Measurement & Automation  Manager; Mohamid Nasif, Production Technologist; and Arnel Santos, Upgrader General Manager.
The award presentation, which included an overview by Helson of reasons why their plant was selected for recognition, was attended by Shell Scotford senior leadership, department heads, engineers and staff. Helson toured the Upgrader and was able to see a live demonstration of HART applications in the plant.

“I have visited plant sites around the world and been impressed by the remarkable ways people are using HART technology. The Shell Scotford plant was yet another extraordinary experience,” says Helson. “I was particularly impressed with how Shell engineers teamed with their automation supplier to integrate HART device information in system displays and use the diagnostic and secondary measurements to improve operations and streamline work practices.”

Scotford Upgrader General Manager Arnel Santos said, “Recognition of the Scotford Upgrader as the HART Plant of the Year is a resounding affirmation that innovation is part of our culture and that HART Communication was instrumental in the safe start-up and the continued safe and reliable operation of the Upgrader Expansion.”

Helson adds, “Their enthusiasm and outside-the-box thinking has enabled the people at Shell Scotford to derive greater benefits from HART assets than ever before. As they continue to use more HART capabilities and take it to other parts of the plant, they will achieve even greater benefits in the future.”

Shell engineers utilized the full capabilities and advantages of HART Communication to facilitate device configuration, loop testing, startup checks, valve tuning, safety device SIL ratings, and real-time centralized device status and diagnostics. The use of HART technology provides real-time daily instrument troubleshooting, preventable and predictive ongoing maintenance, and annual savings in excess of $1.7 million (USD). Read more about Shell Scotford’s application of HART technology at

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