Monday 9 March 2015

Reducing the British skills gap in science & engineering!

Electroustic is investing in the future of engineering by donating £3000 (€4200) worth of stock to Milton Keynes College (GB). In recognition of the current British skills gap in science and engineering, the company is seeking to promote practical learning opportunities and help cultivate bright young minds for the future.

Mark Pears
"The innovative and progressive nature of the connector and industrial Ethernet market dictates that products must constantly evolve to keep up with security, speed and power developments,” explained Paul Carr, managing director of Electrousic. “This means equipment becomes obsolete faster than in more traditional industries. Electroustic didn’t want to see older generations of fully functional connectors, capacitors, resistors and components go to waste.

"We came up with the idea of asking our local campus, Milton Keynes College, whether it had any use for the equipment. The response was very positive and the outreach has opened talks for future collaboration with the college. Electroustic would like to encourage other engineering companies to reach out to local schools more and get involved in training the next generation of engineers."

Thw stock was donated to the Department of Leadership Technology and Built Environments to provide learning materials for the college students for years to come.

"The call from Electroustic asking if we wanted the stock couldn't have come at a better time really," explained Mark Pears, deputy director for Leadership Technology and Built Environment at Milton Keynes College. "A lot of the electronics donated were things that we were about to order anyway. This meant that we were able to allocate that budget on other equipment for the department, creating a richer learning environment and attracting prospective pupils to the college."

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