Thursday 26 March 2015

Put a handle on it!

The selection of a suitable handle is often left to the very end of the product design cycle, but Multitron aims to change that by offering a very wide range of MENTOR handles which will enhance and transform a run-of-the-mill-looking end product into something stylish and even funky, but never forgetting everyday practicality and functionality.

Multitron, the exclusive British & Irish agent for MENTOR, has announced the availability of their extended handle range which now includes aluminium; steel; stainless-steel; plastic and mixed-material options. In terms of design and shape, MENTOR aims to add style with many different designs: D-shape; bow; square; recessed; folding; finger-tip, hand-moulded; strap-style and many more.

Many different finishes and colours are available as standard, including black; grey (or custom-coloured) plastic; natural-anodised or black-anodised aluminium; brushed aluminium; chromium-plated; shiny-matt stainless steel; silver powder-coat; black powder-coat; silver-enamel; ground and polished; plastic-coated; etc. Each handle style is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to hold, and many different dimensions are offered in every range.

A range of heat-resistant plastic handles is also available, manufactured from highly-durable Duroplastic Type FS31, rated for use up to 100⁰C. Rack systems are also supported with handles designed for standard 19" rack systems - these handles are suitable for handling higher loads using a variety of pulling, pushing and lifting actions.

MENTOR has also developed a Modular Handle System so that a custom handle can be configured to meet any dimension required by the application. The handle components are supplied un-assembled, ready for customisation

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