Tuesday 10 March 2015

Seminar on measurements on electroacoustics!

Reinforcing its position at the forefront of high performance measurement microphones and related acoustic equipment, GRAS Sound and Vibration UK Ltd  recently held a free one-day seminar on ‘Measurements in Electroacoustics’, with keynote speakers from USA-based Listen Inc.

John Shelton
The seminar looked at some of the key measurement issues in electroacoustics including loudspeakers, microphones (condenser and MEMS), hearing aids, MP3 players, headphones, headsets, Bluetooth and telephones.

Listen Inc is a world leader in audio test and measurement systems. The company’s flagship product, SoundCheck®, is a software and sound card based electroacoustic test and measurement package, running under Windows or MacOS, that can be customised with a selection of software options and audio input devices (dual or multichannel) to build a system to customers’ exact specifications and budget.

Speakers included Steve Temme, founder and President of Listen Inc and John Shelton, Technical Director at GRAS UK.

The highly successful event, which was held at the Regus facility at Atterbury Lakes in Milton Keynes, was attended by participants from a wide range of businesses including BAE Systems, Hosiden Besson, Cirrus Logic and Hoare Lea.

Roy Drake, Senior Flight Test Instrumentation Engineer at BAE Systems said: “The presenters at the seminar were genuinely at the forefront of their respective fields. I was also impressed with the specifications of the range of products on offer and the flexibility of the software.”

David Morris, Trainee Production Engineer, Hosiden Besson added: “As someone relatively new to acoustics I found the seminar easy to understand, broad and fascinatingly in depth. A rare trick to pull off but the team managed it with ease, or at least that's how they made it look. Glad I was invited.”

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