Wednesday 11 March 2015

Spectrofluorometer combined with cryostat transforming sample measurement!

Edinburgh Instruments has combined its FS5 Spectrofluorometer with a liquid nitrogen cryostat to achieve a range of significant sample measurement capabilities with a single click.

When combined with the cryostat, the FS5 enables users to:
  • Measure the spectral properties of a sample at any temperature from 77 – 500 Kelvin, ideal for phosphorescence or delayed fluorescence measurements where samples are sometimes frozen at liquid nitrogen temperatures in order to preserve the fragile triplet state. This enables sample measurement and analysis that is not otherwise possible. 
  • Make automated three dimensional measurements in order to produce temperature dependant maps of excitation, emission, synchronous scans, phosphorescence decays and fluorescence decays
  • Measure samples of different states including solid crystals, thin films, powders and liquids using a variety of sample holders.

Outstanding sensitivity, coupled with high speed data acquisition and ease of use, makes the FS5 the ideal plug and play analytical tool. The optical design is the best in its class, utilising specially selected optics to achieve the maximum in signal throughput.

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