Monday 30 March 2015

Rugged multi wheel rotary encoder.

Rotary Switches Online   (part of Foremost Electronics) is now stocking the compact and multi-function Elma Multi Wheel rotary switch. The Multi Wheel is a miniature encoder with 8+1 joystick function for one-finger control. This advanced HMI product is a Hall Effect sensed encoder with magnetic indexing over 12 detents and has a centre button with 8 joystick directions and centre push function.
Sealed to IP66 for rugged applications other standard features include, LED backlit illumination (RGB) which can be programmed to change colour with each switch activation, 3VDC operation, UART output, LED control interface, 6 positions ZIF or solder pads connection and a full metal front-end in clear or black. Options available include custom front-end shape and colour, alternative connectors, cabling and pinning and IP67 or IP68 sealing.

The ELMA Multi Wheel rotary encoder has an operating temperature range of -20 to +70°C and working life of 1,000,000 encoder revolutions and 500,000 joystick actuations and can be mounted to the front or rear of control panels.

Typical applications for the Multi Wheel rotary switch include medical equipment, test and measurement instrumentation for outdoor environments, aviation, transport and construction vehicle cockpits, industrial controls and building automation.

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