Friday 27 March 2015

Temperature calibration source!

Eurolec Instrumentation Ltd has extended their range of temperature calibration sources with the introduction of the CS174-IN & CS175-IN.
Recognising the need to accommodate custom built or non-standard sized probes, these two new instruments extend user options and provide increased flexibility by providing two removable inserts for probes.

One insert is predrilled with 7 holes of various dimensions and the other insert is a solid non-drilled “blank” block to be configured by the user as required.

Both inserts can be quickly and easily removed with the assistance of a simple tool which is provided with the instrument.

Both the CS174-IN & CS175-IN also feature a “black body” for infrared thermometers and feature a range of 40C below ambient to +85C. The CS175-IN features increased accuracy and 0.01C resolution. Both units are supplied complete with calibration certificate.

The CS174/175-IN provide a simple to use, cost effective system for the on site/laboratory calibration of both contact and infrared thermometers, to adhere to quality standards such as ISO9000 and HACCP.

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