Tuesday 3 March 2015

Reliable fibre optic connecting.

Radiall now offers the EB-LuxCis® product range. 
Featuring the widely used LuxCis® ARINC 801 Fiber Optic contact inserted in a 2 or 4 channel Expanded Beam insert, the EB-LuxCis® product range is available in various circular or rectangular connectors. This new solution is suitable for highly contaminated environments and demanding applications where ease of maintenance is necessary.

"Implementing high performance optical solutions that withstand harsh environment conditions and provide an easy cleaning process is now possible with this new product range. We have combined the best technologies to answer customer needs for a reliable connection offering reduced sensitivity to contamination." said Luc Kaes, the VP Product Manager.

A key advantage of the EB-LuxCis® product range is the ability to use up to 4 standard LuxCis® ARINC 801 cable assemblies, which simplifies and reduces maintenance. The Expanded Beam technology also offers advantages for cleaning and reduces sensitivity to particulate contamination and misalignment. Accommodating both Multimode and Singlemode fibers and different cable diameters, this versatile and ruggedized solution features a scoop proof design that reduces the risk of damaging the optical end face when mating is done, even on difficult to reach areas.

The current range includes EB-LuxCis® with MIL-DTL-38999 and EN4165 interfaces and is constantly expanding. Radiall designs and manufactures harnesses equipped with EB- LuxCis® for Avionics, Radar, Electronic Warfare, Power and Flight management applications.

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