Monday 16 March 2015

Reference shaker!

The new portable reference shaker from Kistler has selectable frequency and amplitude vibration combined with battery operation to allow the sensitivity of accelerometers to be verified and calibrated with equal precision in the field and the laboratory.

The compact shaker provides an accurate, controlled vibration level to verify the sensitivity of vibration sensors or a complete measuring system. The internal control and excitation system provides a series of seven precise, selectable frequencies, while a closed-loop control maintains the selected amplitude independent of the mass of the test article. Front panel indicators show the selected frequency and amplitude and battery condition. Should the test article exceed the capacity of the shaker, the unit provides an audible and visual warning to the operator.

Measuring only 100mm wide by 100mm deep and 120mm high and weighing 2.2 kg, including the self-contained, rechargeable battery, the shaker is easily carried by one man. The internal battery can power the shaker for up to approximately five hours before needing to be recharged. To protect the battery from accidental discharge, the power is switched off automatically after a period of continuous operation which is operator selectable from 1 to 30 minutes.

The Type 8921B02 shaker has sufficient power to test every type of sensor from the smallest laboratory accelerometer to large industrial sensors. The reference shaker can be used to confirm the sensitivity of acceleration, velocity and displacement sensors. Additionally, it provides a convenient and accurate method of testing the integrity of a vibration measurement system from end-to-end. The unit is rugged to provide years of reliable operation in both factory and laboratory environments.

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