Tuesday 3 March 2015

Ex d inverters!

R. Stahl's solutions for hazardous area equipment also include explosion-protected motor switches and frequency inverters for installation close to Ex d or Ex e motors in ATEX zones 1 and 2. As a rule, the company can add Ex d / Ex de ignition protection to any choice of power electronics for distributed drive units. They area a company with great expertise in implementing customised, application-specific drive control. In addition, drives featuring a very compact design and up to 7.5 kW output power are now available as ready-to-use, fully certified systems (ATEX / IECEx) from a single source.

These fan-less, almost maintenance-free explosion-protected frequency inverters ensure very efficient heat dissipation, which allows for operation even at ambient temperatures up to 55 °C. Due to their special aluminium flameproof enclosures, they can be used in onshore as well as offshore applications. The inverters feature a wide functional range including optional PLC functions for intelligent and efficient drive control in installations such as conveyor systems, pumps, heating and cooling equipment, centrifuges, textile machines, and various others.

Communication modules enable flexible configurations and enhancements. The drives ensure PTC motor monitoring compliant with ATEX regulations, provide class C2 electromagnetic compatibility, and support safe solutions as per SIL categories 1 through 3. Throttles and mains filters are available as optional features. Moreover, R. Stahl also offers stainless steel versions, special paints, and versions with a window or wiring space.

• Stahl products are marketed in Ireland by Douglas Controls & Automation

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