Friday 20 March 2015

Exciting Keynotes at June event in California!

To celebrate 30 years of success as one of the largest tradeshows in the industry, Sensors Expo & Conference is to feature two dynamic and thought provoking keynote speakers at this year’s event. Dr. Mike North, the host of Discovery Channel’s “Prototype This,” “Outrageous Acts of Science” and “In The Making,” and Gadi Amit, the Technology Designer behind projects such as Google Project Ara, Fitbit Fitness Trackers and the Lytro camera will inspire attendees by tapping into the hot trends in the Sensors market today to uncover the opportunities for tomorrow. The three day event will take place June 9-11th at the Long Beach Convention Center (CA USA).

Dr Mike North
“The sensors market is poised for explosive growth in 2015 and beyond,” said Dr. Mike North. “To keep pace with this rapid growth rate, the Sensors Conference offers an ideal opportunity to educate and inspire the engineering community on the critical technologies that will transform not only key business processes, but how we live our lives today. I am thrilled to be part of the event that highlights the increasingly innovative role of sensors and connects this community to inspire real change.”

Keynote Session: Your Sixth Sense of Innovation, featuring Dr. Mike North
Wednesday, June 10 – 9:00 AM
This session will inspire the audience to use their intuition to try new ideas and create rapid prototypes to test those ideas. While many misses will happen, there will be a hit. That hit is how invention and innovation occur, as opposed to methodical and incremental improvement. In a field as hot as sensors, especially with IoT all the buzz in the start-up world, new ideas and rapid implementation will lead to huge pay offs.

Dr. Mike North, host of Discovery shows “Prototype This,” “Outrageous Acts of Science” and “In The Making,” fuses science and engineering with creativity and media to bring the world new ideas, awe-inspiring experiences and radical paradigm shifts. Dr. North holds several degrees in science and engineering, including a PhD in Nanotechnology and his work has been published in a many peer reviewed journals, including the prestigious Nature. He’s founded and co-founded several organizations including: Galapagos, helping small and large companies find their vision; North Design Labs, a Swiss Army Knife of design, prototyping, and media; Nukotoys, a video game/toy company; and ReAllocate, a nonprofit focused on creating systems for an equitable and sustainable planet.

Gadi Amit
"The surge of innovative sensing technologies coming out marks an ongoing paradigm shift that’s changing how we'll live and interact with our environments,” said Gadi Amit. “The Sensors Conference offers a deeper look at the breadth of solutions available, helping us dive into not just ‘how’ but 'why’ design and engineering choices should be made. I look forward to connecting with my colleagues and advancing the conversation as we discuss what helps make a truly impactful experience for wearables, IoT and cloud computing."

Keynote Session: Why the Sensor Explosion Needs Technology Design featuring Gadi Amit
Thursday, June 11 – 9:00 AM
Wearables, Internet of Things, Home Automation, Mobile and Cloud Computing are the now and future of our daily life. Each is melding hardware, software and powerful cloud services into either magical or flat experiences. The difference is in the details; how can you truly understand what will create Delight?

In this session, Gadi Amit, the Technology Designer behind projects such as Google Project Ara, Fitbit Fitness Trackers and the Lytro camera will discuss how to make wearable’s work and how to steer true north while navigating the sensor explosion. Attendees will learn why emotional intelligence in this new era is just as important as rational thinking and what’s around the corner.

With more than 65 dedicated conference sessions, the content rich agenda will cover a broad range of cutting-edge technology areas including: Embedded Systems, Energy Harvesting, Internet of Things, MEMS, Optical Sensing & Detection, Sensors Fusion, Sensors at Work, Smart Cities, Wireless, and Wearables.

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