Friday 13 March 2015

Miniature outdoor logging of environmental sound system!

The MOLES (Miniature Outdoor Logging of Environmental Sound) system has been launched by Svantek. Low cost yet powerful, this new outdoor noise monitoring solution can operate for up to an impressive four weeks on a single charge.

Using their market leading Class 1 SVAN 971 sound level meter and featuring a weatherproof, robust and compact design with IP65 protection level, the MOLES is a fully autonomous environmental noise monitoring solution that can be easily deployed in the field.

Lightweight and long-lasting, the MOLES’ internal batteries can be swapped without interrupting measurement. External batteries can be added to extend life to eight weeks or more.
Svantek’s new MOLES system is available with options for 1/1 and 1/3 octave real-time analysis and triggered audio recording. It also offers two in 10 audio recording making it ideal for measuring levels of noise from wind turbines.

John Shelton, Managing Director at Svantek comments: “The MOLES is based on our diminutive and well proven SVAN 971 instrument. It is an integrated kit with long-term rechargeable battery and outdoor protection for both meter and microphone. Extremely cost effective, it is perfect for independent environmental noise assessors or larger consultancies, and reinforces Svantek’s aim of developing high performance solutions that offer real value for money.”

Svantek’s MOLES is available with free SvanPC++ software with the option of environmental calculations / tonal assessment. MOLES provides 4GB storage capacity and data can be stored on an easily downloadable micro SD card.

The SVAN 971 sound level meter is ideal for general acoustic, occupational health and safety and environmental noise measurements. It is easy to use with predefined setups and operated using a simple Stop / Start mode.  It also incorporates an OLED colour display with excellent brightness and contrast.

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