Monday 16 March 2015

Ending connection nightmare!

Identify any cable or component

All installation professionals know what a nightmare unidentified cables & components can be. Professional identification labels take away this frustration and increase job efficiency. With a Brady Portable Printer any label may be printed on-site in mere seconds, even die-cut and custom labels.A flexible wire identification solution

Wrap around labels in multiple colours equipped with a quality adhesive are the most popular solution to professionally identify cables and wires. The identifying text or code can be printed multiple times on each label, enabling 360° information visibility. Very often self-laminating wrap around labels are used for extra durability and legibility. Brady offers self-laminating labels and wrap arounds in great colour variety, both die-cut and on continuous rolls, all of them printable on location with a Brady Mobile Printer.

Relocatable identification
Sleeves are a relocatable identification solution with strong durability and staying power. Slide them over a cable before termination. After cable termination, slide the sleeves into position and heat shrink to fix them into place. Any Brady Mobile Printer can print a selection of quality sleeves in various colours that are halogen-free, diesel resistant or high temperature resistant to suit specific requirements and standards.

Don´t forget the components!
Brady also provides on-site printable identification solutions for components, like the Engraved Plate Replacement Label, which is made out of polyethylene foam and laminated polyester. It offers a raised profile similar to an engraved plate, but at a much lower cost and greatly increased flexibility.

On-site and on demand
There are many ways to source the identification solutions needed, but the most flexible way is to print the labels on-site and on demand. Modern portable label printers, such as the BMPTM21-PLUS and BMPTM41 Label Printer, or the BMPTM51 and BMPTM53 Label Maker, auto-calibrate so their entire versatile label range can be easily called on, including continuous labels and die-cuts, to identify any cable or component with great ease.

Larger mobile printers, like the BMPTM71, even print custom labels and a great variety of sleeves, wrap arounds, flags, tags and component labels for maximum flexibility.

With a quality Brady printer and a few cartridges of favourite durable identification solutions, identifying cables and components is easy and prepares the installation for fast future upgrades or maintenance.

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