Friday 13 March 2015

Hydraulic network balancing!

Hymod is the market's first local hydraulic network balancing module that is designed to ensure variable flows in secondary circuits and thus optimise the energy efficiency of heating or cooling systems. Designed in particular for systems of up to 3,000 m2 in size, Hymod supplies comfort units with water at the right flow rates for each use. The unit improves the energy efficiency of ancillary equipment by as much as 40%.With the tightening of the EU's F-gas Regulation on fluorinated refrigerants, water-loop-based systems have once again become the natural solution for building heating and cooling needs. CIAT's Hysys® system is an advanced, comprehensive solution for the operation of water-based systems. Its balancing module for secondary networks optimises Hysys® even further.

When installed between a chiller or a heat pump and emitters (comfort units), the module isolates primary and secondary hydraulic networks. It meets regulatory requirements on network balancing, ensures the distribution of water to each emitter, and guarantees that heating and cooling systems are easy to operate, efficient and in compliance with requirements. It consists of a balancing valve on the primary network, a primary bypass and a variable flow (0-100%) accelerator pump that adjusts water flow rates to the needs of emitters fitted with power-efficient motors. Placed in zones, it meets flow rate requirements of up to a maximum of 6 m3/h (35 kW capacity).

Each module is calibrated and commissioned by CIAT's teams during the commissioning of entire heating or cooling systems, freeing fitters to do other tasks. Because it is installed locally in suspended ceilings in building zones, it frees up significant space in mechanical rooms.

On the primary network side, the isolator is fitted with a balancing valve that adjusts the nominal flow rates required in their zone. Such head-end balancing is required by Article 23 of France's 2012 thermal regulation. Water is supplied by the low-pressure pump installed in the thermodynamic machine.

On secondary networks, the Hymod isolator is fitted with an EC accelerator pump that adjusts water flow rates to the requirements of comfort units in real time and by independently managing the constant differential pressure. Comfort units must be fitted with self-balancing two-way valves. During system commissioning, these valves are very finely adjusted according to the desired nominal flow rate for each emitter. The pump of the module is then set to accommodate the sum of these flow rates.

Hymod is made of stainless steel. To prevent the risk of condensation, it features extra-thick Armaflex insulation and shells moulded to fit over the pump body and the balancing valve. Further protection is provided by an additional drip tray fastened to the piping. When used with CIAT's V30/V300 controllers, there is an optional changeover box for sending operating mode information to comfort units over a pilot line.

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