Thursday 22 August 2013

Support arm systems for human/machine interfaces

Rittal’s new range of modular support arm systems make it easy to turn, lift and swivel control panels with precision. Giving the operator a clear overview and the best possible control, the support arm systems provide an ergonomic interface between machines, control devices and operators.

Encapsulating the latest thinking on human/machine interfaces, this new modular support arm system offers the user consistency in both function and installation, reducing time required for assembly, alignment and maintenance and project planning.

Having a standardised design and a modular structure the new support arm system offers the ideal solution for every requirement and can be implemented for loads in the range of 60, 120 and 180 kg (based on a jib length of 1 m).

Their new modular support arm system boasts a number of ingenious features. For instance, each system, comprising a support section, intermediate hinge and angle pieces, can be mounted either on top of the machine or on a side panel. To ensure smooth, straight-forward installation, wall and base mounting brackets are available in two different sizes, as are flexible top- and wall-mounted joints with horizontal outlets.

Providing the ideal load capacity, support sections are constructed from an oval-shaped aluminium section. Most support arms on the market are made of square steel piping. Rittal’s new section design is not just pleasing to the eye, it also provides substantially higher stability against the bending and torsional loads typical of the application.

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