Wednesday 21 August 2013

High performance optical sensors come in two sizes

Baumer has expanded their range of NextGen sensors. Following on from the O500 comes the O300. Both series of optical sensors offer the same performance range. While the small O300 is especially suitable for systems with very limited space, the O500 distinguishes itself in applications that require a greater range. The customer can choose a sensor that is exactly right

With the O300, Baumer is targeting the market for 1-inch sizes. This size has become a standard used in a wide range of industries worldwide. Here, the O300 offers a range of services that is second to none, securing itself a special place in the compact class. Thus, the new sensor offers the largest range in its size class whilst simultaneously giving the highest level of reliability through extended power reserves. On the other hand, its insensitivity to ambient light allows the O300 to function perfectly under difficult lighting conditions. And the the latest generation Baumer Opto-ASIC provides color independent detection of objects.

The O300 also sets the standard for ease of assembly. The light beam is already aligned with the mounting holes, reducing the adjustment required to an absolute minimum and saving on installation costs. The pressed metal sleeve also guarantees a robust and reliable installation. And when the new optical sensor is in operation, it impresses with its long service life, thanks to a completely sealed and extremely stable housing.

The contactless teach-in method also contributes to its longevity. A conventional mechanical pressure switch with moving parts is usually used, which in the long term can suffer from wear and tear and problems with leaks, but this is not possible with the qTeach facility in the O300 series. Contacting the teach surface with any ferromagnetic tool, for example a screwdriver, is enough to program the sensor. A blue LED light gives a clear visual feedback, which thanks to its exposed position on the head of the sensor is clearly visible from all sides.

This new class of optical sensor employs three sensor principles. Firstly, the light sensor has background suppression, guaranteeing the greatest reliability in detecting objects. Secondly, the retro-reflective sensor works reliably, even with reflective surfaces. It is characterized by an exceptionally long service life due to its increased resistance to dirt. And finally, SmartReflect, a technology developed by Baumer. This light barrier works without any separate reflector. With SmartReflect, downtime due to a defective or dirty reflector belongs to the past. All three devices offer maximum safety and dirt resistance whilst at the same time reducing the total cost of ownership.

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