Friday 30 August 2013

50 years spectrometry

Analytik Jena UK will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the SPECORD® range of spectrophotometers at the Lab Innovations exhibition (6/7 Nov 2013 Birmingham GB) by showing the SPECORD® 210 Plus double beam UV/Vis instrument. The multi N/C 3100 and the multi N/C UV HS TOC analysers will also be on show, reflecting the fact that the company also has decades of experience in this field of analysis.

The versatile multi N/C series of analysers determine bound carbon content (TIC/TOC, TC, NPOC, POC) and/or total nitrogen (TNb) and are characterised by patented innovative solutions for reliable automation to cope with the most diverse sample matrices. The two versions on display feature the latest focus radiation NDIR detector and VITA flow management system for reliable results, high stability and improved long-term instrument calibration performance.

The multi N/C 3100 is a versatile analyser using high temperature catalytic combustion and can be configured for simultaneous TOC/ TNb determination. Combustion temperatures up to 950°C provide quick and reliable digestion of even the most stable compounds and for the most challenging applications. The multi N/C UV HS provides low cost sample digestion by UV-supported wet chemical oxidation for very high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range. This provides trace TOC analysis capabilities as well as high concentrations and it is particularly well suited to the analysis of drinking water.

The SPECORD® 210 PLUS UV/Vis spectrometer features 5 variable spectral bandwidths, making it ideally suited for measurement of solutions and solids where high optical resolution is required. Intelligent instrument control is provided by the modular WinASPECT® software package.

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