Friday 9 August 2013

Force measurement using piezoelectric sensors

In November, Kistler Instruments will be holding two one day seminars to provide an introduction to piezoelectric sensor technology for instrumentation engineers. The seminars will cover the theory of piezoelectric sensors and the practical application of piezoelectric measurement in both laboratory and industrial environments.

The seminars will be relevant to all those responsible for designing and building instrumentation and measurement systems, especially where challenging environmental conditions may be encountered. A major quality of piezoelectric sensors is the ability to monitor highly dynamic impact events, often under harsh operating conditions.

Although piezoelectric sensor technology has many advantages over other types of sensor technologies, a clear understanding of piezoelectric measurement is essential for the full benefits to be obtained under real world conditions.

Dates, venues & registration: 
5th Nov 2013 Sheffield (GB)
7th Nov 2013 Milton Keynes (GB)

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