Thursday 1 August 2013

Modular distribution manifolds are configurable for individual applications!

A choice of three styles of modular fluid distribution manifold, backed by a factory configuration service, has been announced by the Instrumentation Products Division of Parker Hannifin.

Parker's new manifold range supports a wide range of applications, from the distribution and control of low pressure instrument air or plant air, to high pressure instrument or hydraulic applications operating at up to 6000 PSI.

Two of the distribution manifold options are based on ball valves for quick on-off actuation and control. A further option offers a needle valve manifold, to suit applications that might require lower flow rates or more precise control, or compact construction.

The first of the ball valve options, the Hi-Pro Distribution Manifold, is based on a 10 mm orifice version of Parker's Hi-Pro ball valve - which is rated for pressures up to 6000 PSI. Up to 20 of these 316 stainless steel valves can be factory-assembled to order by Parker onto the distribution manifold base. Users can also specify other build options including fitting a purge valve.

A similar style of manifold is available for lower pressure air distribution applications. This version - the Hi-Pro Air Header Manifold - provides up to 20 Hi-Pro 10 mm ball valves mounted onto on a distribution manifold body made from a two-inch 316 stainless steel pipe with either a flanged or threaded inlet at one end. The manifold is rated for pressures up to 800 PSI depending on the options specified.

Parker's third option - H Series Distribution Manifold - provides a compact manifold body that accepts a user-defined choice of five or 10 metal-seated needle valves - rated for pressures up to 6000 PSI. Users can also specify numerous build options including the addition of a single isolate valve connected to the inlet.

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